How do I enroll a senior adult in the Adult Day Center?

1) Contact us at 540-403-0557 to express interest in enrolling a participant in our program. 
2) We will follow up with you to determine if our program will be a good fit for your participant and let you know if we have space to enroll them. If we do not have space to enroll new participants, we will place you on our waiting list. 
3) If your participant is a good fit for our program and we have space, we will schedule an Admission Conference with you, the participant, our Nurse Coordinator and/or our Director. During this conference we will assess the needs of your participant and family to make sure they will thrive in our program. 
4) Once we move forward to initial enrollment of your participant, you will need to schedule a physical exam and tuberculosis screening with your primary care physician. We will provide you with specific forms you need to fill out. 
5) When we have received all of the required admission forms, we will schedule your participant for their first day at the Center. They must begin within 30 days of the date of their physical exam. 
6) We will create a Person-Centered Care Plan with you and your participant to personalize their care while they attend our Adult Day Center. This plan will be updated and reviewed with you every six months. 
Generally, this process can take up to 3 weeks to complete. We understand that many caregivers who utilize our services may desire to enroll their loved one in our Adult Day Center quickly. To save time, consider scheduling your participant’s physical exam in advance of their Admission Conference with us. 
Make sure you fill out the required Participant Physical Examination and Report of TB Screening forms. If you have other questions on how to enroll your participant in our program, please contact us at 540-403-0557.

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