The seniors in our community are facing the hardship of social isolation and caregivers are struggling with burnout and few options for help. Our vision is to be an accessible space where senior adults can thrive no matter what challenges they are facing and where caregivers can feel confident taking the respite they need. Even with widespread community support, we need your help to realize this vision.

Your donation will help our senior adults thrive by:

Enriching our Therapeutic Programs

Bring the sound of music, the smell of baking bread, the vibrant colors of paint, and the friendly face of Generations Central staff to our senior adults.

Increasing Access to our Services

For some senior adults, limited resources keep them from attending our Center. We need your help to make sure every senior adult can access our services. Give the gift of a day at Generations Central by sponsoring a senior adult.

To invest in any of these impactful projects, please contact us at [email protected] or 540-403-0557 to make your donation.

Adult Day Center

Home away from home where seniors can thrive and belong!

Intergenerational Programming

Everyone has something to offer, no matter what their age is!

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